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Email Template Distribution Gym Software

Email Distribution feature allows you to communicate with your members more efficiently. No more needing to export your member list to another service provider or software vendor. You now get to send emails all from one place. We provide you the ability for you to filter out your members to only send to who you want to send to. You can also set a schedule and frequency to let our system know when to send automated emails.

What are the key benefits of email distribution?
• Member Retention
Communicating with your members on a regular basis is one of the keys to keeping your members as paying customers. The email distribution scheduling feature makes it simple to do just that. All you have to do is choose an email template, set the frequency and date when you want the system to start sending and our back end processes will do the rest.
• One Software - Email Included
BEFORE using our club management software, alot of our customers had a huge task of exporting data to other email service providers. This meant spending hours manipulating data, signing into other accounts and manually sending email campaigns from these systems. With MIS, we give you the tools to create email templates, filter your email list, set automated schedules all from your MIS club management software.