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Fingerprint Check In Gym Software

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Fingerprint Enrollment Gym Software

The fingerprint check in feature allows a member to check into your gym membership facility with their finger. When a member checks into your business with their finger, the gym membership software system will extract the binary features off the scan's image. Then with these features, MIS will find the member that matches these features. Once the match occurs, MIS will then lookup the member's account and alert you if the member can gain entrance or not. Since the scanner is USB driven, you can connect multiple fingerprint scanners on the same computer allowing multiple members to check in the same time.

What is the key benefits of the fingerprint check in feature?
• Easier Check In
Alot of times a member's keytag will get lost or they simply forget it. With fingerprinting, you know longer have to worry about this because we all know that their finger cannot be misplaced, :)