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The member billing feature allows for your membership facility to setup recurring billing for your customers. We designed our screens to make it very simple to bill your members. All that is needed is the member's payment method, which can be a credit card or checking account. Once this is setup, you just have to setup their billing frequency and start date and we handle the rest.

What are the key benefits of the Member Billing Feature?
• Growth And Cash Flow
Billing your members on a schedule is a must for a gym membership business to grow and generate exponential cash flow. MIS gives you the tools to easily do this with our easy to use system and services.
• Hastle Free
Many billing systems out there require a tedious process to get your members billed. Usually more then one system is involved; one for your members and another for your billing. With MIS, we designed our gym membership software services to be very easy to use. All it takes is adding your member's payment method and setting up their schedule and our cloud gym membership software does the billing and processing. If a member's payment gets rejected, we automatically post an alert to their profile to let the user know an issue has occured.