The 24/7 gym access control feature allows for your membership facility to manage access to your physical site easily. We are currently integrated with Brivo OnAir Access Control Cloud System, which provides access control in the cloud. This integration allows easy management of your member's physical access groups and credentials directly in MIS, without needing to go back and forth between your gym software and your 24/7 gym access software. MIS also has web socket technology built in. This technology allows for us to capture and process any triggered access point events like when a member checks in at the door. For example, when a member scans at the door, MIS receives the member who triggered this door scan. We immediately create a check in and automatically broadcast this to the facility check in screens, eliminating the need for the member to check in again at the front desk.
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  1. Keep Your Gym Open Without Needing To Be Present
    Without a 24/7 gym access control system, you would need to always have an employee on your premises at all times which can be costly. With this system, you can leave your gym open without an employee present.
  2. Protect Your Employees And Customers
    Without a 24/7 gym access control system, you would need to keep the doors unlocked at all times, which will allow anyone to come in and cause a disturbance and do as they please. If you are planning on keeping your gym open 24/7, our gym access control system will eliminate anyone from just entering your door without authorization, which will protect your employees, members, and business.
  3. Manage Your Doors Directly From Your MIS Gym Software
    Most 24/7 gym access control systems have no direct integration whatsover. Without this integration, you would need to always manually synch your access control software with new members and credentials, which can become a burden. For example, when your member expires in your gym membership software, you would have to manually let the access control software know of these changes. With MIS, we have integrated directly with Brivo OnAir Access Control to eliminate this burden. Now when you modify members and expirations inside MIS, we automatically update the Brivo OnAir Access Control system for you, allowing you to work only on your MIS gym software.
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