Scheduling And Online Booking

As a membership-based gym, a lot of your revenue is generated from private sessions, classes, and other events. With MIS's event booking functionality, you can easily schedule and manage various events. The interface is easy to use, ensuring all of your staff members will have no trouble adapting to it. Our event booking interface will handle all of your class schedules and training sessions while allowing members to sign up for available time slots.
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Member Portal

Reduce your staffing needs and keep your customers happy with personalized member portals. Your patrons can easily access their own accounts from wherever they are and whenever they want. Your staff isn’t hassled with the additional work, and your clients are free to change important information, schedule bookings, and perform various other functions from the comfort of their homes.
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Auto Recurring Billing

As a membership-based company, you need an easy way to accept automatic payments from your clients. Our leading gym billing software comes with recurring billing so you don’t have to worry about manually collecting dues. Simply put in your clients’ payment information, the frequency of payment, and MIS will take care of the rest. You’ll always have the money you’re owed.
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The Most Easiest To Use Gym Software On the Market

Everything You Need to Run Your Membership-Based Business Smoothly
24/7 Door Access Control
Members expect gyms to be open around the clock for added convenience. With MIS, you can maintain vigilant oversight and control over your gym even when keeping it open 24/7. Know who is coming in and out of your facilities at all hours of the day and night, keep track of who paid and who owes, and set custom alerts all while giving your clients the flexibility they want.
Email And Text Messaging
Communicate quickly and easily with your customers through email and text messaging. Whether you need to send a class update, event notification, or send out promotional material, the MIS Gym Software allows you to communicate with your members with just a few clicks.
Member Check In
No fitness club management software is complete without a dedicated and comprehensive check-in functionality. Our gym check in software makes it easy to keep tabs on who is coming in and out of your facilities while giving on-site staff insights into the specifics of each member’s account. You can easily customize a variety of alerts to pop up when members scan to enter your facility. It’s just another way MIS helps improve your gym’s oversight.
Electronic Waivers And Agreements
One of the most important ways to keep your fitness club protected is by having clients sign legal waivers. With our leading gym management software, you can make it easier for staff and members to comply with standard policies with digital waivers. Whether you’re looking to cut down on paper or you’re on the go, you’ll always have the documents you need.
Notification And Alerts
Never miss high priority actions that occur to and by your members by settings up notification and alerts to be sent as an email, text message, or as an in app alert. Examples notifications are when a member’s billing gets rejected, a member’s cancels their class booking and much more.
Cloud File Storage
Our health club software comes with advanced cloud file storage functionality so you can digitize all of your business’s paperwork. From spreadsheets and invoices to taxes and agreements, you can easily store all of your data on the cloud with quick and remote access any time you need it. Rest assured knowing your data is protected with the latest technology.
Owning a membership-based gym is all about scaling. That’s the best way to ensure ongoing revenue and growth. With MIS’s routine reporting, you get the insights you need to make smart decisions regarding your business. Whether you want daily, weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly reports, our software will provide them. You can choose what metrics you want to track too! You’ll never feel out of the loop again!
Photo Capture
Easily keep track of your members through the MIS's webcam photo capture technology. Take pictures of your clients, or better yet, have your members take their own picture from the signup portals and store the information in their account. Anytime you need to take a picture, you can bring up the necessary functionality with the click of a button. Simply snap the photo, and store it in the account. It's really that easy!.
Membership Plan Add-Ons
Give your members the option to add-on additional services to their plan during sign up. The gym check in software will automatically adjust the member's billing amount for the add-ons they add.
Family Member Management
One of the most effective ways to attract and keep new members is to offer discounts for family members. MIS makes it easy to organize your members by relationship. Any time you need to add a family member to an existing account, simply add in their information, snap a photo, and hit save. Our software will house everything securely and let you know when family's sign in to your gym. It’s never been easier to manage family memberships!
Employee Time-Clock
Our gym management software solutions extend to your employees as well. With MIS, you’ll never have to wonder who arrived late or who may have skipped out early. Our Employee Time-Clock allows your employees to conveniently clock-in and clock-out each day directly from their own accounts. We offer clock-in data reporting so you can easily track your employee’s hours.
Employee Commission
Commission is one of the best motivators for your team and our software ensures you can track it all seamlessly. MIS can track commissions and let you know exactly who made the sale. Have different employees on different commission structures? We allow you to customize commission rates by either a percentage or set amount. At the end of a pay period, you’ll get a comprehensive commission report.

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