With the member portal, your members will have their own login. They will be able to renew their plans, purchase memberships, update their address, view invoices, view payments, view attendance, view alerts, and much more.
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  1. Free Up Your Front Desk
    As your member base grows, so does the line at your front desk. When you offer a member portal to your members, they can manage their account on their own time, which will reduce them having to ask the front desk to do this.
  2. Member Engagement
    Since the front desk activity will be reduced, this gives you time to focus your time on your service instead of business management.
  3. Manage Your Doors Directly From Your MIS Gym Software
    Most 24/7 gym access control systems have no direct integration whatsover. Without this integration, you would need to always manually synch your access control software with new members and credentials, which can become a burden. For example, when your member expires in your gym membership software, you would have to manually let the access control software know of these changes. With MIS, we have integrated directly with Brivo OnAir Access Control to eliminate this burden. Now when you modify members and expirations inside MIS, we automatically update the Brivo OnAir Access Control system for you, allowing you to work only on your MIS gym software.
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