Send text or email messages directly to your member’s phone or email inbox with a click of a button or tell our platform to send them when they meet a certain criteria. You will communicate with your members more efficiently. No more needing to export a member list to another service provider or software vendor. Send emails and text messages all from one place.
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  1. Attract New Members
    Email and text sms message marketing is a powerful tool to engage with potential customers. Whether it is training advice, food recipes, discounts or seasonal offers, you will start to generate more customers. Send out emails and text messages on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis and start seeing your members and revenue increase.
  2. Retain Existing Members
    Communicating with your members on a regular basis is one of the keys to keeping your members as paying members. The MIS platform will make it simple to do just that. You will just choose an email or text message template, set the frequency and date when you want the system to start sending and our back end processes will do the rest.
  3. Alerts And Notifications
    Sending alerts and notification is a good way to grow your business since. For example, if you are promoting a class, you can send a mass email or text messaging campaign to all your current and past members to sign up and the MIS platform will distribute to all your member’s cell phones or email inbox with a direct link to book that class.
  4. Engage Your Members
    Sending text messages is the best way for your members to actually receive and take action on important messages since email, cell phone usage and text messaging is in use by nearly every single person.
  5. One System, One Solution
    No need wasting your valuable time gathering and exporting data to another service provider like mail chimp. This capability is built right in the MIS platform, so this will free you up to focus on what maters most, your members.
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