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Auto Check In Gym Software

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The auto check-in feature allows a member to sign into your gym membership facility or a scheduled event very easily. For a member to sign into your facility, all they have to do is scan their barcode or just type in their assigned id. The software system will alert if the member should be allowed to enter or not. To sign into a scheduled event, all you have to do is select a scheduled event and then the member can scan or key in their barcode. The software will handle the rest.

What are the key benefits of the auto check-in feature?
• Reporting
When using the auto check-in screens, the software package will save the exact date and time when the member signs in. This data will be available to you in our state of the art reporting screens. Also, this data will feed into dashboard charting for you to see statistics.
• Happy Members
Who likes to wait in a long line when wanting to use their paid service? With the auto check-in process, your members should be flying inside without any long waiting periods. The fewer the hold ups, the happier the member. And the happier the member, your business brand will have a good reputation, which should bring in higher attendance.