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Gym Software With Web Cam Photo Capture Capabilities

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  • Member Picture Photo Capture Gym Software
  • Picture Photo Capture Check In Gym Software

The member photo capture software feature allows your business to take a picture of a member and store it into their member’s profile with a webcam or by uploading an image file directly. Once the member's photo is uploaded into the system, this photo is used throughout the software to identify the member when they check into your gym membership business.

What are the key benefits of the photo capture feature?
• Know who is coming into your gym membership business.
When your gym or membership business grows, many faces will be coming through your doors. Since there are expenses involved in servicing members, you want to make sure that the person using your business resources are actually paid members. With the photo capture feature, the software makes it a breeze to help assure that your services are not being taken advantage of.
• Webcam compatibility and affordability.
Our software does not force your gym or membership business into purchasing a specific expensive webcam. MIS allows you to use the majority of webcams out on the market that are available at your local retail stores.
• We securely host your membership photos.
We all know that image files can take tons of hard drive space to store. As part of our cloud software service, we handle all the storage for you. Our storage techniques securely stores your member photos on privately accessible servers away from the public internet so you can feel better knowing your member's photos are not open to public access.
• We make the photo capture very simple to do
As we dedicate our software to be very easy to you, capturing a member's photo is a breeze. Webcam access is done directly from the browser without any type of add ons. It is a matter of clicking on a button and approving access to your camera.